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  • Codified standards for the use of cold-formed steel (CFS) construction materials were developed after WW2 when many countries such as the U.K. Japan, France, and Germany had acute housing shortages.
  • In North America since 1990’s over 20% of all affordable homes have been built with cold formed steel. In 2016, the LGS market in the U.S. was worth $14 billion. 11,289 businesses employed 75,649 people.
  • European Union: Section 1-3 of the Eurocode 3 (EN 1993).
  • Other countries use various design specifications, many based on US code AISI S-100.
  • LGS building system incorporated by ECD into Egypt’s building code in 2015.
  • System to be granted an official patent giving ECD® the EXCLUSIVE RIGHT for a period of FIVE YEARS to deploy the system in the Arab Republic of Egypt.
LGS History
Why LGS?


  • High ‘strength-to-weight ratio’ (individual members are lighter per unit length than traditional wood, steel or concrete framing members).
  • 100% recyclable (can be continuously recycled without losing physical properties).
  • Inorganic (will not rot, warp, split or crack).
  • Inert (does not emit fumes, gases, vapor or support the growth of molds & fungi).
  • Dimensionally stable (does not expand or contract with moisture content).
  • Produced in strict accordance with national standards (no variation in quality).
  • Non-combustible (does not contribute fuel to a fire, not susceptible to fire.).
  • Structures can be designed to meet any degree of loading (e.g. high seismic or high wind loads).